Dr. Feelgood Guitar Pedal FAQ

What is the Dr. Feelgood pedal?

A distortion pedal at heart, but it’s much more than that - due to an internal switch.

Dr. Feelgood is built on a unique circuit and is not a clone. 

It can be run in 2 different ways via an internal switch. One way is “instrument level” in front of your amplifier, like a traditional guitar pedal. The other option is running it at “line level” through your amp’s power section, exactly mimicking Mick’s preamp section of his Dr. Feelgood era amps. 

The pedal is 100% analog and doesn’t use digital technology to re-create the classic tones.

How did you create the Dr. Feelgood pedal to sound like the amps? 

Since multiple amps were used on the Dr. Feelgood Album, we worked tirelessly to recreate the tone of the preamp section of the amps when combined. The Dr. Feelgood pedal is meant to be played through a clean setting on your amplifier and to be used like an external preamp. 

Is the pedal true bypass?

Yes the pedal is true bypass.

What kind of power supply should I use for the pedal?

Center negative 9V DC output power only! Any other power supply will damage your pedal, negating any warranty! You will fry your pedal if you use any other power AC power supplies are NOT DC output power supplies and will result in a voided warranty and very expensive repair. Remember batteries are always best! 

Can the pedal run on 9V or 18V?

The Dr. Feelgood pedal can run on 9V or 18V DC Center Negative.

What is the difference between running 9V or 18V?

With 18V power the pedal is louder, has more headroom but less compression/overdrive.

Choose what you think is better for your style / rig / playing style.

How much Power Consumption does the pedal have? 


What pedals is the Dr. Feelgood pedals compatible with?  

The Motley Crue pedal is designed to be compatible with most effects pedals on the market.

Where should I put the Dr. Feelgood pedal in my chain? 

Dr Feelgood is the amp-like pedal, so it should be placed in front of clean channel of the amplifier, at the beginning of your signal chain. Some pedals can be placed in front of it, like Wah, boost or even some overdrive pedals (actually this pedal works very well when stacked with a boost or overdrive pedal).

Why is there a hiss in my Dr. Feelgood pedal when I turn it on? 

Since the Dr. Feelgood pedal is a higher gain distortion pedal, there will always be some noise, this is normal and something a Noise Gate can help with. Please be aware that single coil guitar pickups bring more noise compared to humbuckers due to its construction design.

How long will this unit be sold. Can I buy it any time?

The Motley Crue Dr. Feelgood 30th Anniversary Guitar Pedal is a very custom limited edition item so once it sells out, it is gone forever! Starts selling on September 16th. Sales ends the same day as the pedals start shipping - 29th November